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When choosing a real estate professional, get to know their history!

Below, you'll find information that will help you get to know me better, to references from past clients.

I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be my greatest achievement.

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Lorna Brown- Executive coordinator- Department of National Defence

I have known Vicki for at least 15 years. Over the past 15 years I have always known her to be a hard working, people oriented individual. Vicki knows how to serve her clients and make them feel like they are the only client she has to look after. She is very knowledgeable and quick to listen she understands her clients needs. Vicki has gone out of her way to accommodate me on several occasions when I could not get to her during her regular working hours. She is a positive and articulate person with a passion for people and community.

Charlene Shalagan- Friend of 19 years

Vicki is a woman of great interigity, professionalism, knowledgeable, listener, caring, she puts thought into all her creative endeavours. She has a signature style that gives her a benefit of being on top of her game and a cut above the rest. A women I aspire to want to be!


I have found Vicki to be upbeat and positive in her opinions. She always seems to find the good and sensible in things. Vicki is very honest and won’t do anything that is not on the up and up. Vicki has a knack for telling it like it is without coming across as harsh or overbearing. Vicki is a self-starter and is not afraid of hard work. I would certainly not hesitate to take Vicki’s word for anything.

Ed Lage

I have been a client of Vicki’s for many years. As an entrepreneur, Vicki is focused on client satisfaction and hard work. She recognizes that for repeat business she needed to provide a service that met my needs. To that end Vicki never took small details for granted and never failed to ask if I was happy. She is always professional and courteous. Vicki’s many years of working with the general public has developed her personality into one that make people feel comfortable and willing to take her recommendations. This is important in a business transaction.

Leigh Morton

In all the years I’ve known Vicki, she has always proven to be trustworthy, considerate, and on time…..attributes that are important to me as a client. St. Vital resident & Former client

Diane Schmidt

I really appreciate you taking care of our house. I’m usually such a worry wart but I don’t think I gave our Winnipeg house a second thought because I knew you’d take care of our home as if it were your own. I know you are going to be extremely successful in your new career and don’t think that because I’m not in Winnipeg I won’t be giving you referrals. I definitely will be passing your name on to anyone I know that will be in need of a great and dedicated Realtor.

Cecille Tremorin

A single women buying her first home; overwhelming, stressful and exhilarating are words that come to mind throughout the entire process. At times for the duration of the viewings I remember feeling as though I might have given up on owning by myself or getting what I wanted. Vicki took the time to explain anything I needed one step at a time. She drew my attention to things I would have to consider structurally and financially. Now that I have moved in I love being a homeowner, I personally give Vicki all the credit for finding me this beautiful home that suits me better then I ever considered being within my price range.

Helena Hamm

I had always thought about one day buying a home that has no stairs, and with little maintenance . That day has come and gone! Vicki found me the perfect home that fit all my needs as a homeowner. Within 3 weeks from the time my offer was accepted. I was moved in my new home with no stairs. I am so excited about my new life.

Susan Young

I have known Vicki for 8 years both in a professional and personal capacity.I have had the pleasure to watch Vicki mature in her career. Vicki is a continous learner and has a refined attention to details.

I have always known Vicki to be of good character with superb professional ethics. Vicki is responsive and attentive when dealing with clients. She makes a point to respond to client requests with an appropriate sense of urgency.

I have entrusted many requests to Vicki and have appreciated her honesty with which she has answered. There are few people today who continually put the client’s needs before their own and Vicki is one of them.

In my experience. Vicki has proven herself to be honest, hard-working woman who loves her family. I trust her


Susan Young

Sonya Letkeman

Vicki takes great pride in her work. Her honesty with people make for trusting relationships. Vicki has always been known for being punctual, efficient, a straight shooter, extremely competent, she has built an excellent rapport with individuals of all ages. She has excellent communication skills. Vicki is hardworking, trustworthy, loyal. You can always count on her to do the best she can. Friend and former client